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Book TV is the name given to weekend programming on the American cable network C-SPAN2 airing from 8 a.m. Eastern Time Saturday morning to 8 a.m. Eastern Time Monday morning each week. The 48-hour block of programming is focused on non-fiction books and authors, featuring programs in the format of interviews with authors as well as live coverage of book events from around the country. Book TV debuted on C-SPAN2 on September 12, 1998.

While the primary mission of C-SPAN2 is live coverage of the United States Senate, Book TV programs are sometimes also scheduled to air during the week when the Senate is not in session.

Programming book tv

The majority of the Book TV weekly lineup is coverage of author lectures, book signings, and seminars. Several weekends each year, Book TV features live coverage of major regional book fairs and festivals. There are also several regularly scheduled series: After Words, an interview show conducted by guest hosts familiar with the author’s subject; and Booknotes programs from 1989 to 2004, under the title Encore Booknotes.

A monthly series on Book TV is In Depth, a three-hour one-on-one interview covering an author’s entire body of work. In Depth is televised live with viewer calls on the first Sunday of each month at 12 p.m. In Depth occasionally also includes video of the featured writer at their home or office, where they talk about how they do their research and writing.

In addition to C-SPAN2, Book TV can also be viewed via live streaming on the C-SPAN website, while an iPhone app streams the audio portion only.[10] All past Book TV coverage of nonfiction authors is archived at the C-SPAN Video Library.